part one gone wild.jpg

I'd like my work to slightly alter the chemistry of a room and give something to the viewer. I often utilize nontraditional materials to explore color, tone and texture. Meticulously applied medium brings to life vibrant stripes, intricate grids, shapes and repeated patterns. Intriguingly suspended paint droplets sometimes gravitate to the base, ultimately punctuating the work. I enjoy immersing myself in the challenge of understanding a process and strive for the sense of accomplishment associated with the mastering of a new technique. 

As an artist, I thrive on overcoming the obstacles that are present during these countless hours of trial and error. At the end of the day, the discoveries made during these sessions fuel new ideas and plant seeds for future experimentation and bodies of work. My work is influenced by several modern day masters including Ian Davenport, Gene Davis and Markus Linnenbrink. Family life, history and the hustle and bustle of living in an urban environment inspire me on a daily basis.